TTRA Miniature Horse Program

NOTE: Currently our Spring Miniature Horse "Mini Wheats" program is full.

Please contact Jean Gibbons, Event Coordinator, Phone: 705-262-7281 or email at to have your name put on a waiting list.

This program is developed for individuals of all ages, schools, as well as community and youth organizations.  Its purpose is to introduce participants to the miniature horse and horsemanship involving various aspects of its health, grooming, and handling.
Individuals gain tremendous benefits working with the horse such as physical exercise, emotional wellness, self-expression, and the opportunity for personal development by learning something new and unique. Classes are tailored to suit the needs of participants.

Through equine assisted therapy participants of all ages learn how to deal with anxiety, anger and fear gain improved self-confidence and a sense of empowerment.

Programs offered help develop effective communication skills, build leadership and creative problem solving skills. The horse’s ability to read emotions, environmental cues, and subtle body language helps adults, children and youth focus their attention, improve their concentration, and maintain self-awareness while practicing being consistent. 

Our Miniature Horse Program, "Mini Wheats" promotes active participation in a variety of unmounted educational activities involving miniature horses. This special 4-week program consists of one hour weekly sessions. Minimum age to participate is 6 years.
Mini Wheat Miniature Horse ProgramMini Wheat Miniature Horse ProgramMini Wheat Miniature Horse ProgramMini Wheat Miniature Horse Program

Learning Components may include: (dependant upon level of skill and ability of participants)

- Safety, orientation and introduction to the miniature horse
- Health and grooming
- Horse handling safety
- Groundwork fundamentals
- Leading at walk/trot
- Working over/through obstacles
- Fun at liberty in round pen

** Please review our Mini Wheats Program Brochure for pricing and details.

Required Forms:

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Safety Rules and Apparel Requirements

For more customized programming please contact our Event Coordinator, Jean Gibbons.



In addition to their farm duties, our miniature horses will be traveling about the community visiting our seniors, schools and agencies fostering physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. They will assist our association in advancing the knowledge and appreciation of horses as integral partners in the healing process, and will promote the human/animal bond.

Respectful Horsemanship: Teaching about horse behaviour, the psychology of the horse and herd dynamics during task oriented activities.  An individual may develop self-awareness, personal responsibility, relationship and communication skills, self-discipline and trust.  These experiences can be very empowering and can be the foundation for lasting change and personal growth.

Cart Driving:  An educational and recreational program, enabling participants who cannot sit astride a horse, the opportunity to learn equestrian skills, while still experiencing many of the physical, social and emotional benefits of an interactive equine assisted activity. 

Therapeutic:  Participants are actively involved with brushing, bathing, leading the horses and riding in one of our specialized carts.  Through these human-horse bonding activities, we are able to offer people motivation for physiotherapy and emotional wellness.

Recreational:  We make our activities accessible by delivering programs to the user's facility or they may visit our program site which has an outdoor arena, barn work area and nature trails.  We tailor programs to meet various needs and promote inclusion to a unique form of safe, fun recreation.

Current list of Sponsors and Sponsor Forms

Our program, celebrating its 25th year in 2012, is only possible through the generous support of the business community and community organizations. Every donation is greatly appreciated and makes an impact on all who benefit from our equine assisted learning programs! Thank you!