Our Programs

Our Miniature Horse Programs "Lead & Learn" are offered as weekly one hour lessons on Wednesday nights over a 4 week period of time. These programs run from May - July and in September.

Our individual riding and driving programs run from May – October, with day and evening classes available.

Progam Overview

Miniature Horse Program - "Lead & Learn"

Miniature Horse programs take place on Wednesday evenings from 6 pm to 7 pm and 7 pm to 8 pm. The Miniature Horse 4-week programs focus on groundwork activities and does not involve riding..

Programs are developed for individuals of ALL ages: seniors, adults, school age, as well as for community and youth organizations. Its purpose is to introduce participants to the miniature horse and horsemanship. Program learning activities are tailored to suit the needs of participants. Programs require a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 6.

Riding & DrivingProgram

This series of 4-week horsemanship programs consists of weekly one hour sessions in a farm setting with active participation between participants, miniature horses and trained volunteers. Although there is no riding involved, the program offers a variety of learning activities such as grooming, horse safety, games and leading miniature horses. This is also great leadership training and provides the groundwork for future work with horses whether as a volunteer or an instructor. Please be sure to review Safety Rules and Apparel Requirements prior to start date of the program.

With a focus on health and wellness, our equine assisted learning Miniature Horse Program, "Lead & Learn" offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about horses, yourself and to connect with nature.

Riding/Driving Programs

NOTE: Program is on Tuesday evenings from 7 pm to 8 pm. May, June, July, September and October.
Please dress for the weather.

Our riders, who ride for one hour, once a week experience important physical, psychological and social benefits through an effective combination of therapy, recreation and animal care programs

All programs are one hour in length and there are no age limits for our riders/drivers. However, there is a weight restriction for our riders, which is 165 lbs. This restriction is for the safety of the rider, the horse and volunteers.

There is no weight restriction for our driving program. Our Driving Program provides the opportunity for any individual whose physical limitations prevent mounting and riding a horse. Our horse-drawn vehicles are wheelchair accessible. The horse is driven with two sets of lines – one for the driver, the other for the helper. All that is required is some dexterity in the hands, a desire for fresh air, and a love of horses.

Riding & DrivingProgram

The registration process first requires a signed doctor's consent. An orientation and assessment is then conducted with the riding instructor and any therapist/teacher working with the rider to ensure the suitability of the program and schedule for each individual. In regard to cost, the riders pay only a percentage of the program cost; the association covers the rest through their fundraising initiatives.

Please review our required forms and note that our Registration form contains pricing for our Individual Riding/Driving Programs.

What our Riders Learn:

Riders learn how to groom, saddle or harness, play mounted games, do mounted exercises, learn riding and driving skills, take trail rides or drives and learn how to remove saddle or harness. They do a final grooming, thank their horse with a special horse treat or carrot, and then return the horse to pasture. This hands on approach is very useful for individuals who have impaired motor, mobility, perception, cognition, behavior, mental health and language skills.


Miniature Helping Hooves Program

Helping Hooves Program

In addition to their farm duties, our miniature horses will be traveling about the community visiting our seniors, schools and agencies fostering physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. They will assist our association in advancing the knowledge and appreciation of horses as integral partners in the healing process, and will promote the human/animal bond.

Testimonials from Clients... How the program has impacted them...

FW Schumacher Residential School:

For the past few years, I have enrolled disadvantaged children into the Timmins Therapeutic Riding program. The results of this authentic program have been incredible.

Under the expert tutelage of Lydia Dubanow and staff, I have watched my students progress through grooming, leading, driving, and riding horses, all the while establishing warm, controlled relationships with these animals. Through these bonds, I have watched my students develop self-esteem, compassion, and leadership skills; after every visit, the kids invariably are calm and at peace with themselves and others. It really is an emotional salve for ravaged nerves (including those of the teacher!).
t is truly an informative and therapeutic experience.

Karl Laiho - DSB1 teacher

Louis and Roberta Torlone:

In 2004, our world fell apart. Our beautiful five year old, after months of testing, was diagnosed with having an extreme anxiety disorder. Our lives were turned upside down as we tried to find ways to help our little girl find ways of dealing with her feelings as she went through life. The Timmin’s Therapeutic Riding Association was there to help us get started on this long, rocky road. In the years since joining, our daughter has gone from being a terrified, clingy child with all the joys that anxiety brings with it-- such as night terrors, sleep walking, not eating, many tears, etc.—to a beautiful, more confident young lady who will soon be going off to University. The program helped her realize that she could face fears and tackle new challenges. It helped give her much needed confidence, and the rapport she developed with each horse as she grew with the program helped to calm her runaway thoughts and find inner peace. We can’t thank Lydia, Patty, Char, Jean and the many wonderful volunteers enough for helping our girl find her way. What they taught her at the stables has made its way into her everyday life. We are blessed to have been able to be a part of this program.

Sincerely, R.T. and L.T.