Registration Information

Registration Process for our Individual Riding/Driving Programs

All programs are one hour in length and there are no age limits for our riders/drivers. However, there is a weight restriction for our riders, which is 165 lbs. This restriction is for the safety of the rider, the horse and volunteers.

There is no weight restriction for our driving program. Our Driving Program provides the opportunity for any individual whose physical limitations prevent mounting and riding a horse. Our horse-drawn vehicles are wheelchair accessible. The horse is driven with two sets of lines – one for the driver, the other for the helper. All that is required is some dexterity in the hands, a desire for fresh air, and a love of horses.

The registration process first requires a signed doctor's consent. An orientation and assessment is then conducted with the riding instructor and any therapist/teacher working with the rider to ensure the suitability of the program and schedule for each individual. In regard to cost, the riders pay only a percentage of the program cost; the association covers the rest through their fundraising initiatives.

Please review our required forms and note that our Registration form contains pricing for our Individual Riding/Driving Programs and keep in mind that long pants are required for every lesson regardless of weather.
NOTE: All registration forms must be completed and payment submitted a minimum of ONE WEEK prior to start of programs.

Current Program Schedule

Leaders and side walkers needed for riders are great opportunity for volunteer involvement.

Required Forms

Physian's Referral

Atlanto-Axial Verification (for Down Syndrome)

Registration Form

- by John A Davies
I cannot walk, or run, or play
A game of tennis every day
I cannot dance or ride a bike
I’ll never know what skating’s like.

I have no soccer boots or ball
They are no use to me at all
I’ll never ski the waves or snow
So many thrills I’ll never know.

I’ll never sail the wind or surf
Or chase a ball across the turf
Nor climb the snow-capped peaks above
So many thrills I’ll never love.

But I CAN ride through forest trails
To see the fox and rabbit tails
And watch the geese and ducks take flight
While leaping stags and deer take fright.

And I CAN follow mountain tracks
Past climbers weighted down with packs
To trace a river to its source
Above the clouds and feel the force.

Yes, I enjoy the “Sport of Kings”
When carried high my feet take wings
To fly me on a pleasure course
For I CAN mount and ride a horse!

adult rider taking lessons at Timmins Therapeutic Riding Association young rider side walker and rider taking lessons at Timmins Therapeutic Riding Association young rider taking lessons young rider taking riding lessons at Timmins Therapeutic Riding Association riders on the Freedom Trail

Therapeutic riding benefits those with orthopedic conditions such as amputation, including congenital limb absence, scoliosis, Perthe’s Disease (crumbling hip joint), congenital dislocation of the hip, arthritis – osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. Others who have neurological diseases such as Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain damage, epilepsy and other classifications such as Muscular Dystrophy, autism, blindness and learning disabilities also benefit from therapeutic riding.

Riders experience development of mobility, balance and coordination. They also see an Improvement of muscle tone and strength, relaxation of spasticity, increased concentration and improved learning skills. Therapeutic riding provides access to recreation, sport, and/or competition providing independence, integration and a sense of achievement.