NOTE: Program is on Tuesday evenings from 7 pm to 8 pm.
Please dress for the weather.

Our riders, who ride for one hour, once a week experience important physical, psychological and social benefits through an effective combination of therapy, recreation and animal care programs

The registration process first requires a signed doctor’s consent. An orientation and assessment is then conducted with the riding instructor and any therapist/teacher working with the rider to ensure the suitability of the program and schedule for each individual. In regard to cost, the riders pay only a percentage of the program cost; the association covers the rest through their fundraising initiatives.

Please review our required forms.

What our Riders Learn:

Riders learn how to groom, saddle or harness, play mounted games, do mounted exercises, learn riding and driving skills, take trail rides or drives and learn how to remove saddle or harness. They do a final grooming, thank their horse with a special horse treat or carrot, and then return the horse to pasture. This hands on approach is very useful for individuals who have impaired motor, mobility, perception, cognition, behavior, mental health and language skills.

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